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Bladder Moulding Press

Bladder Moulding Press

Bladder Moulding Press
Bladder Moulding Press

Technical Description

The SBV Bladder presses are designed especially for manufacturing and curing the bladders use in the AUBO, BOM & AUTOFORM presses.

The control of hydraulic system included in the equipment is designed such that the lower mould half carrying the uncured rubber approaches the upper mould half with high velocity during the first closing stage, reducing the total closing period to minimum.

In the beginning of the pressing operation, the closing speed is slackened automatically in order to obtain slow and uniform compression of uncured material.

After laps of  the curing time, the press opens up automatically and the bladders for AUBO and BOM presses are removed from the lower core plate. The bladders for AUTOFORM presses are detached by a pneumatic device which is included in the delivery on request.

The moulds which are generally executed according to customers drawings are made of high grade steel. The two external mould portions and the core are cured by a direct steam connection.

The presses and hydraulic power unit are delivered, complete and ready for connection, excluding curing platens. A timer for automatic press opening after termination of the curing period as well as steam and condensate piping are normal features of supply. Supervision of erection, installation and commissioning.

Machine Features

The press is complete with all ancillaries necessary for the proper function of the bladder moulding operation and provided with terminations for appropriate connection by others to the battery limits of site services.

The press is equipped with a mould lifting fixture and removable mould roll-in, roll-out table to facilitate mould changing.

All components of the press structure, hydraulic system and associated items of the plant are designed so as to safely carry all loads imposed by the use of the press moulding Tyre press bladders and rated for the maximum design press closing force.

The press structure is designed to safely carry a normally imposed load of at least 15% excess of the designed maximum closing force.

The hydraulic system is designed so as to deliver a maximum of 5% excess of closing force above the design maximum closing force.

All electrical equipment is suitable for connection to the site electricity supply at 440 volts, 3 phase & neutral 50 Hz, control voltage to be 110 volts, 50 Hz, single phase from panel transformer.

Included Items

One hydraulically operated bladder moulding press complete with main RAM for applying varying press closing forces & auxiliary RAM systems for mould core and ring movements together with means of locating and retaining mould cores, upper & lower mould halves in the press and suitable for a range of tyre press bladder mould sizes up to the maximum sizes and rated for the maximum design press closing force.

One electric motor driven hydraulic power unit continuously rated to provide varying press closing forces for moulding.

One complete press control system complete with all valves, controls, instruments, gauges and actuators necessary for the safe operation of the press and the control of the moulding operation including recording of cure cycle time, temperature & operating parameters recording when moulding a range of tire press bladders.

One Electrical control cabinet to house all items associated with electrical control system complete.

One set of compressed air pipe work and fittings for supply of air requirements which is to include air rectification units to remove fine entrained contaminants and droplets, an air receiver to continue the operation in the event of a compressed air supply failure & for removal of cured bladder at the end of cure, pressure regulation to the requirements of recorder / controller is to be provided together, the site battery compressed air limit at (7) kg / cm3.

All necessary drawings, details and general assistance to enable others to prepare foundations & other installation requirements will be provided with the machine.


Spare parts list for normal two years operation.

Training of three engineers (operation, maintenance, quality control).

The supervision of erection, installation and commissioning will be provided at an additional cost.

We guarantee that the equipment when correctly mounted properly operated and maintained, shall give satisfactory performance for a period of 12 months from the date of start-up.


Technical Data Sheet





SEC SBV-1100

Press Closing Force

300 tons

400 tons

600 tons

1100 tons

Mould Range from
12”- 20”

Cycle & Motor-cycle Bladders




Diameter of main RAM

350 mm

450 mm

640 mm

865 mm

Hydraulic oil pressure

250 kg/cm

250 kg/cm

180 kg/cm

180 kg/cm

Stroke of main RAM

670(std)/1000 (sp.) mm

1000(std)/1250 (sp.) mm

2500 mm

3300 mm

Core cylinder force at: Raising force
Downward force

180 kg/cm
20 tanns
10 tanns

180 kg/cm
30 tanns
15 tanns

180 kg/cm
40 tanns
20 tanns

180 kg/cm
40 tanns
20 tanns

Ejectro cylinder force at:
Push-up force
Pull down force

180 kg/cm
10 tanns
9 tanns

180 kg/cm
15 tanns
12 tanns

180 kg/cm
20 tanns
15 tanns

180 kg/cm
20 tanns
15 tanns

Stroke of core cylinder

150 mm

520 mm

850 mm

1220 mm

Stroke of core ring

230 mm

680 mm

850 mm

1250 mm

Distance between side links

820 mm

960 mm

1450 mm

1500 mm

Thickness of mould (max./min.) ht

250/100 mm

850/550** mm

1300/500 mm

1900/508 mm

Platen Dimensions
Bottom (w & l)
Top (w & l)


750 mm
750 mm


850 mm
850 mm


1350 mm
1350 mm


1400 mm
1400 mm

Maximum press opening

670 mm

1800 mm

3000 mm

3800 mm

Electric Power (KW)

8 KW

8 KW

80 KW

80 KW

Approx weight press and pump (Kgs)





Approx closing speed
H.P./L.P. (mm/min)





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